Alvas Education Foundation


The human experiences get formed and frames the next generation through language and literature. Alva’s is known for its patrornisation of linguistic and literature growth of all languages.

Alva’s Nudisiri

Kannada, the classical prime language among Dravidian languages has been under pressure of proving its identity. Alva’s Education Foundation organizes a literary summit for three days every year in the month of November, which results in deliberation of the problems of state and literature. On an average 20-25 thousand people participate every year to witness the scholarly deliberations.

Alva’s Vidhyarthisiri

The world view of a student gets framed by wider involvement in the literary activities. Alva’s Vidyarthisiri provides a platform for students of all classes to participate and present their literary and cultural abilities. Alva’s Vidyarthisiri is organized as a preset to Alva’s Nudisiri.

Alva’s Tulusiri

The oldest but most neglected among Dravidian languages is Tulu. Alva’s Tulusiri is knitting a bridge between all the languages. Alva’s Tulusiri is a part of Alva’s Nudisiri where a literary and cultural activity of Tulu is promoted.

Alva’s Konkanisiri

The people who speak Konkani dialect have a unique identity and role in the multi cultural social fabric of coastal karnataka. Along with Alva’s Nudisiri, Alva’s has extended the umbrella of reworking on literary and cultural strength of Konkani language through Alva’s Konkanisiri.

Alva’s Byarisiri

A unique Muslim group with a special dialect Byari has been an undivided part of cultural and social institutions in Dakshina Kannada. The Byari dialect provides a unique identity and has been under threat as any other language does. Alva’s Byarisiri envisages popularizing the language and culture of Byari community.

Alva’s Beladingala Chinthana

The students of Alva’s Education Foundation get wisdom to use their language through the experience of renowned leaders of various subjects. Alva’s Beladingala Chinthana is a platform created every month by inviting famous resource persons and to present their ideas to the students on full moon day.

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