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Alvas College of Physiotherapy & Research Center

“Movement is life”

“If physician adds years to life, physiotherapist adds life to the added years”

Alva’s College of Physiotherapy is approved by Government of Karnataka, Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, and Recognized by the Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP)

If you think honesty, commitment and punctuality are fancy words in dictionary and public speeches, then the chances are that you have not yet visited Alva’s College of Physiotherapy where passion blends with the pinnacle of perfection. Physiotherapy is the science of treatment based on modern medicine which brought about a paradigm shift in treatment principle from largely drug based chemical approach to correction of movement mechanics. This institution will help you to rediscover the true essence of physiotherapy education with prime emphasis on individual grooming and strong character molding under meticulous care. We do not train individuals to make a mere living with their profession but inspire them to enjoy their work which is the kernel for extra-ordinary brilliance. This has been the core ethos and the guiding force since its humble inception in the year 1995.

Where we stand apart

Personalized assistance in academic and clinical posting

  • Unique on field exposure under supervision of experienced faculty to handle sports emergences during various meets.
  • Tie up with NGOs for assistance of parents with disabled kids undergoing treatment in ACP
  • Organising Community awareness and screening programs for disability prevention and care.

Clinical facility:

Alva’s physiotherapy center (Estd.1995) consists of full-fledged functional specialty departments catering physiotherapy care in various disciplines. There are 9 departments in the center involved in rendering physiotherapeutic care in wide range of conditions. Annually more than 15,000 out patients benefit from the affordable care provided here. This gives excellent opportunity for budding therapists to hone their clinical acumen by ‘hands on’ exposure under guidance of experienced faculty. Unlike in most teaching departments in India where teaching therapists are not involved in setting treatment plan in clinics, here teaching therapists are directly involved in clinical education, assisting smooth transition of students from theoretical concepts to practical application. This also helps in constant up-gradation of the clinics at par with international standards to accommodate the latest trends in physiotherapy. Wide range of clinical exposure with a well equipped research laboratory makes it one of the most conducive places for post graduate and doctoral research works. Apart from this the students are also posted in Alva’s Health center hospital (300 bedded) and other specialty hospitals for inpatient exposure.


Physiotherapy, a highly developed discipline in the developed nations of the world, is yet to get its due importance in India. The demand for physiotherapists is expected to be exponential in the coming years mainly due to the growth of health infrastructure as envisioned in the government of India’s 11th five year plan and the privatization of medical care in India. The growth in sports infrastructure in the country also suggests a greater demand for physiotherapists, in dealing with sports injuries and its prevention. Physiotherapy is kind of a super specialization in the medicine profession and services of a physiotherapist are required by people of all levels in the society.

Alva’s Education Foundation (AEF) had recognized the need for such professionals way back in 1995 and hence established Alva’s College of Physiotherapy (ACP) as one of the founding colleges of AEF. ACP offers both bachelor (BPT) and master (MPT) degrees in physiotherapy. ACP also has a provision of pursuing a doctoral program (Ph.D) in physiotherapy.

Alva’s College of Physiotherapy and research centre has been a centre of excellence for the past 18 years, since its inception in the year 1995. Though physiotherapy is considered to be a very young field of science that evolved during the world wars in the beginning of the twentieth century, it has become a very integral part of modern medicine.

Research and Development:

For decades, physiotherapy practice has been the subject of criticism for its lack of a research base. Despite an overall positive attitude towards evidence-based practice, most physiotherapists utilized treatment techniques with little scientific support. Our college has orchestrated a shift towards the use of research and scientific evidence to guide practice decisions.

Being a research institute, we offer a lot of opportunities for our staff and students to carry out their research studies. Our staff and students are involved in research studies perennially. Our college has a lab with all the latest research equipments for conducting research in all the fields of physiotherapy (sports, ortho, cardio, neuro, paediatrics, CBR, OBG, etc).

Another important feature of clinical practice is evidence based practice. It is the explicit use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients and is a concept of growing importance for physiotherapy. We stress on the importance of reviewing research studies, journals and articles on the particular condition that is being treated and hence make sure that the prognosis of the treatment is always good. Our students don’t stop there. Guided by the experienced faculty, they are actively involved in research studies. Hence, they create their own evidence base for treatments.

Courses offered by ACP:

BPT – Bachelor of Physiotherapy (4 and half years including 6 months internship)

MPT – Master of Physiotherapy (2 years)

PhD – 5 years – part time

Contact details of the institution:

Alva’s College of Physiotherapy,
Alva’s health center complex,
Moodbidri – 574227.

e-mail –
Phone:- (08258) 238104 – 238111.

Principal’s mobile – (0091) 9900335358.

Facilities available:

Anatomy and Physiology labs

  • Fitness lab for strength and endurance training
  • Research lab with hi-tech gadgets for aiding research studies in physiotherapy
  • Library with more than 3000 books and journals on various physiotherapy topics
  • Digital library with internet facility and Helinet consortium for access to various e-journals
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